Community manager

Berlin (part-time)

Do you want to influence the development of the company instead of closing tasks? To have the opportunity to control your career growth? To work not from 9 to 6, but with your head? To rapidly develop your professional skills, and have the opportunity to learn? To be a part of global change and make difference? Then we are most likely to become a good match for each other!

Due to enlargement, technological startup Raccoon is looking for new specialists to join its professional, fearless and hyper-productive team.

We are creating a hardware + software solution that will fundamentally change the approach to the physical rehabilitation of people after a stroke and injuries. Our team carefully mixes Big Data, Machine Learning and video games with a deep study of the needs of our customers to make quality recovery accessible to everyone. This summer the product will be launched on the market, and that is why we are looking for you!

Why are we sure that we will manage all this?

  1. Our business plan was checked and confirmed by the European Commission project – Horizon 2020 (key figure – 41 million revenue by 2023).
  2. Leading EU clinics have expressed their readiness to buy the product (including the German Olympic Committee, the Association of Neurorehabilitationists of Ukraine, the largest European medical institute Max Planck Institute).
  3. We received support from the World Health Organization and the European Medical Association ECHAlliance.
  4. With ease, we won the status of a Ukrainian startup # 1 in the Startup World Cup, TOP 12 startups in telerehabilitation by Fortune 100 and TOP 40 European startups in Healthcare 2019.

If you are ready to grow rapidly together with the project and are not afraid of challenges, come to visit us and let’s talk about our common future!

Contact person: Olga Lesik, info@raccoon.world


What do you NEED to know and be able to do:

  • Perfect German
  • Good knowledge of English/Russian/Ukrainian (at least one)
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Think and act fast
  • Flexible and adaptive to quick changes
  • Responsible for the results, not only for execution

What experience we will value ADDITIONALLY:

  • Working in medical field (especially in physiotherapy and/or digital health)
  • Working with start-ups/IT companies
  • Communication with hospitals or rehab centers

What you will be responsible for:

  • Searching for potential partners rehab centres in Germany and negotiations with them
  • Presentation of our solution to rehab centres, medical associations, institutes and other partners
  • Pitching on start-up competitions
  • Other meetings, negotiations, participation in exhibitions and conferences
  • Written translation of marketing materials to German

What do we offer:

  • The joy and pride of creating a product that will change the world
  • Friendly colleagues ready to charge with energy and knowledge
  • Convenient schedule in your free time
  • Trainings, courses, conferences
  • Opportunity for career growth to Regional Sales Manager, Regional Client Relations Manager, Chief Communication Manager – we are all for it!