Simplicity and technology: How Raccoon.Clip works

While communicating with gamers all over the world and regularly updating the clip, we aimed to create an impossible gadget — easy to use, universal for any games and platforms and affordable to any gamer in the world. Read on, how we did it.

You already know that we created the first clip accidentally while working on a more complicated gadget (if not, read the previous post). So, we became confident that the market needs the device and began to do researches to upgrade it. And we set a high goal — to create not just another controller, but the qualitatively new one. The controller that the real gamers feel a lack of.

We asked 5000+ gamers in the United States and Europe what problems they face during gaming and what a dream controller should be. According to the data we’ve got, the perfect controller should: be suitable for any game; work with any devices and OS; be comfortable to wear and to operate; require no modifications to software and additional tools; be affordable. So we did our best and made the dreams come true.

How it looks

Raccoon.Clip is a compact controller to be placed on a palm. It has three functional buttons for operation objects, one service button (On/Off/Sleep), a battery indicator and multiplayer mode LED-indicator, and a vibro for force feedback.

Thanks to the elasticity of the gadget it fits a hand of any size. The soft touch plastic on the inner part of the device makes it comfortable to wear.

Raccoon.Clip is made of recycled plastic and is totally biodegradable.

How it works

Spatial orientation + three buttons can fully substitute a regular controller for a new experience and more precise moving, aiming, interacting with objects, etc.

The player controls the gaming process moving his hand and pushing the buttons with his fingers. Thus, every type of a movement is responsible for a particular action in the virtual world. For example, movinga hand to the right or left, the player can turnthe steering wheel of a car in racing games. In shooters Raccoon.Clip becomes a continuation of your hand, so you can aim and shoot more precisely.

Where to use

The clip can be used as a universal controller for mobile VR (no matter what smartphone, OS or cardboard you have) and in any games where the mouse+keyboard/joystick are used.

We’ve tested lots of games and recommend the best categories for your Raccoon.Clip experience:

Frankly speaking, the games to play with Raccoon.Clip worth for a separate post. Next time we will tell you about testing the gadget with different games and share reviews of real users.