Raccoon.Clip: from fun creator to complete solution

Raccoon.Clip already has lots of admirers and is highly appreciated by world experts in VR and gaming industry. But it might be news to many of you that we invented this universal controller… accidentally. Here is our story.

Almost a year ago, in September 2016, the Raccoon.World team got an invitation to participate in Wegame 2.0, the international gaming festival that took place in Kiev. At that time we were working on the complex and multifunctional controller — the Raccoon.Glove. We elaborated the glove that would transfer the fine motor skills into the virtual world and due to force feedback would give the possibility to touch the VR.

There was a huge problem in participating with the Raccoon.Glove — we had only an alpha-prototype! It was just a glove with sensors and wires that was able to show digits on a screen of a computer. The digits that were understandable only for developers. We realised that showing a raw product at the exhibition was not a good idea. Gamers needed interaction with the product, and investors wanted to see the progress — not just wires and digits. And we took an unexpected and bold decision — to demonstrate the technology, not the product itself.

At that time the technology of space orientation was 100% ready. And we decided to create a simple gadget to show it in real life. Or better to say “in the real game.” We had only 10 days before the beginning of the festival, and those days (and nights as well) will stay in our memory forever. During that period we elaborated a new device — from the idea to the first working prototype. It was a wired clip that worked with two games only: the legendary Need for Speed Underground and the much-loved game from post-Soviet gameboy — The Wolf Catching Eggs. So, we made it and took it to the exhibition.

The reaction of an audience shocked us! Everyone loved the clip; people queued to play with it. It was an endless line during both days of Wegame 2.0! We could hardly count the players, but there were a few hundreds to say the least. We got a great feedback and lots of reviews (including those to upgrade the gadget), awesome media coverage, and new partners among game developers who stopped by to discuss the cooperation. Needless to say that a bunch of people was ready to buy the product right on the stand.

That’s how we became confident that the market needs the gadget we’ve created. Evidently, we decided to keep working on a clip and made lots of researches and interviews to create Raccoon.Clip as good as you see it now — wireless, easy to use, universal. The one real gamers want to play with. The one that is our main product now.

How Raccoon.Clip works?

Raсcoon.Clip can substitute a joystick, mouse and a keyboard. It is a gadget that can be fixed on a players hand to control the gaming process by moving a hand and pushing the buttons with fingers. Every type of a movement is responsible for a particular action in the virtual world. For example, by moving a hand to the right or left, the player can turn the steering wheel of a car in racing games.

Moreover, the development of Raccoon.Clip 2.0 will bring new modification of the controller which will contain two buttons, joystick, and trigger.

For example, by moving the hand, you can move the avatar, aim with the joystick and push the trigger to shoot. Two extra buttons can do various tasks depending on the game. Raccoon.Clip 2.0 will provide a new action for Counter Strikes lovers and to others genres addicts: imagine entirely new experience in controlling copters or submarines!
P.S. As of Raccoon.Glove, we didn’t abandon it. We continue the research and will get back to its development as soon as we settle all the business processes regarding Raccoon.Clip.