How it works? e03 3 buttons vs. regular controller

People who have already got acquainted with Raccoon.Clip sometimes doubt that our controller can fully substitute a joystick or a mouse and keyboard, having only 3 buttons. That is why we decided to show how it is possible. Photo and video included.

We continue answering to popular questions of our future users. Raccoon.World team members has already answered How Raccoon.Clip can work for 9 hours and How tracking is done. Now we are going to explain how such a simple controller with only 3 buttons can substitute regular controllers.

Our aim was to create a controller that was not intimidating for a casual gamer and great to use for an experienced player. So Raccoon.Clip is easy to master while multifunctional.

To understand how control is done, firstly you should know some piece of technology used in Raccoon.Clip. It has built-in accelerometer and gyroscope. This allows the software to understand the related orientation and position of Raccoon.Clip without any additional cameras or special light conditions. Thus, the user controls gaming by moving his hand and pushing the buttons.Each button and hand position is responsible for the concrete action.
Raccoon.Clip can execute 12 different commands right from the box that is absolutely enough for the majority of games:

6 movements
3 buttons
3 simple figures to “draw” (circle, triangle and square).

If you need more commands, you can customize Raccoon.Clip according to your needs: combine movements and figures with buttons. And remember, using controllers on both hands provide the double quantity of commands and double pleasure from gaming!

P.S. If you have any questions you want us to answer, please, reach us by email info@raccoon.world