How it works? e01 9 hours without recharging

As you know, Raccoon.Clip is created with the help of gamers. We have asked 5k+ users all over the world what qualities a perfect controller should have, and some of the wishes influenced the form of the gadget body and the “filling” it has to contain. According to user’s wishes, controller should be, among all:

  • ergonomic;
  • wireless;
  • long-living;
  • fast charging;
  • affordable.

“We had an exact goal to reach, — says Vitaliy Tolkachov, Raccoon.World CTO, — and it was a serious challenge. We had to ensure the longevity in a wireless device without a possibility to use a large battery (due to the little size), at the same time keeping the controller affordable and good looking”.

From the very beginning the technical team faced the problem that the components on the market didn’t satisfied their needs or were very expensive. It took several months to find and to test dozens of components before the appropriate variant was found.

To reach the longevity our technical team had to reduce the device power consumption. It was one of the main tasks.

We solved this problem in two stages.—says Vladimir Churilov, Raccoon.World CIO. Firstly we reduced the size of the data packet (the more data you send, the more energy you need to spend). Secondly, we have created algorithms that track the activity of the device. If applications are not running or the device remains in the same position for a long time, several data processing processes can be suspended in order to reduce power consumption.

Thus, thanks to these steps we have a possibility to use a small battery that allows Raccoon.Clip to remain compact and at the same time provides fast charging.

The goal set by future users of Raccoon.Clip influenced almost every branch of gadget development, up to quantity and brightness of luminodiodes. But the golden mean was found and we are proud to present the controller that is wireless, works 9 hours without recharging and still remains compact, beautiful and affordable to any gamer in the world.

Look forward for our next posts (short and comprehensible) that will be devoted to Raccoon.Clip software development, design and usability testing, advanced precision and many other technical aspects.

If you have technical questions or would like to learn more about the topic covered, please contact our tech team:

Vitaliy Tolkachov, CTO