Five Great Movies That Bring You Closer to VR

It’s no secret that virtual reality is entering more and more spheres of our lives: entertainment (movies, video games, roller-coasters), education (interactive screens, headsets, glasses and even rooms), military and engineering (e.g. flight or battle simulators), healthcare (anxiety disorder treatment, pain management, other therapies in the field of psychology).

And, as we know, scientists from all over the world never neglect an opportunity to draw inspiration from futuristic books and movies. Luckily, there are plenty of epic ones on the market!

Today, we’ll take a look at 5 great movies dedicated to this subject and see how they make use of virtual reality, and whether something like this has already been achieved by modern technology.

Johnny Mnemonic

This action movie takes place in 2021. Johnny works as a “mnemonic courier”, who delivers classified information with the help of a data storage device implanted in his brain. The data he transports is too important to be sent through the Net, the virtual-reality equivalent of the Internet.

A curious fact is that the film was shot in 1995, when the maximum hard disc capacity was only 2GB, while Johnny’s chip could contain up to 80 GB. The downside is that this cybernetic brain implant deprived Johnny of all of his childhood memories!

Speaking about modern scientific progress, we can say that storage devices do exist today — and with much bigger memory capacities — but they are still mostly used outside of the human body.

Chip implantation has occasionally been used for device-controlling purposes (NFC — Near Field Communication), medical treatment or corporate goals (using the chip instead of a key to clock in and out of work, open doors, and instead of a credit card to pay for meals). But this remains episodic and is far from becoming common practice.

And would YOU be willing to try something like that? )