Hand rehabilitation


Raccoon.Recovery – a physical rehab tool:

  • software and hardware components;
  • Machine Learning for mistake-proof treatment courses;
  • gaming to motivate and increase  the quantity of repetitive movements;
  • we collect Big rehab Data and create Esperanto in physiotherapy.


Now we develop the tool for hand rehabilitation that will be scaled to full body solution.

Complex solution

Effective and easy to implement

  • Controller

    Controller for video games and mobile VR/AR that is placed on a palm like a clip and transfers data about hand movements and motor skills.

  • Software

    Software suggests, controls and improves rehab program. It is enabled by ML and AI. Data is gathered, processed and presented as analytics.

  • App for patient

    iOS/Android developed for users and/or their relatives to oversee the recovery process. It also connects rehabilitologists and patients to ensure continuous rehab process.

For patients, rehabilitologists and hospitals

Solution advantages

  • Real gamification

    A unique algorithm allows you to use absolutely any existing game. It has been scientifically proven that this method increases patient motivation

  • Continue treatment at home

    Patients can continue rehab exercises at home, while still receiving guidance from rehabilitologist who follows the process remotely

  • +40% revenue

    Using Raccoon.Recovery helps ehabilitologists to treat more patients at a time and at the same time increase the revenue for rehab centres by 40%

  • Improved diagnostics

    Training data is gathered to assist treatment process, while providing actual measurements of the effects of rehab methodologies and their comparison

  • Automatic screening tests

    The rehabilitologist can choose from most popular 50 tests or use the ICF test for examination and obtain their screening tests results for each patient automatically

  • ICF translation

    Our software can analyze patient data from different tests and provide profound analytics thanks to data conversion into international standard ICF by World Health Organization

  • Saving rehabilitologist's time

    Automatization of treatments gives rehabilitologist free time for working with new patients and professional growth. More time for seeing patients and doing meaningful work

  • Easy and affordable integration to a hospital

    Integration to a hospital/rehab center through сonvenient licensing: rehabilitation center pays a subscription after receiving payment from a client


How does it work?

  • Step 1

    The rehab specialist and patient together come up with rehab goals and a treatment course in our application

  • Step 2

    The patient receives the device and an application, connects the device, chooses a video game and play the video game only with the movements that are prescribed to him

  • Step 3

    The patient with rehab specialist in real time monitor the accuracy and dynamics of the movements and track the progress

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